Council Defers Decision On Levenshulme

Hello again.
Short version: we achieved what we wanted.

Long version:

I spoke at the Scrutiny Committee on behalf of the Levenshulme Forum. The Committee accepted our recommendation that the decision be deferred. This will allow us to discuss matters with council officers in order to hopefully come back in September or October with a mutually agreed revised Designated Area that can then be approved along with the formal approval of the Forum itself.

The Forum was also represented by Maria van Elk (Chair) and Peter Naughton (committee member) along with a number of Levenshulme residents.

Councillors Dzidra Noor (Levenshulme) and Julie Reid (Gorton South) both spoke and endorsed the position of the Forum. Thanks to them for their support.

Dzidra Noor is on the committee along with Basat Sheikh (Levenshulme), Beth Marshall (Crumpsall, but a Levenshulme resident) and Abid Chohan (Longsight).

Other councillors in attendance:

Bernard Stone & Peter Cookson (Gorton South)

Kate Chappell (Rusholme)

Thanks to all councillors (I hope I didn’t miss anyone) for their continued interest and support in the Levenshulme Forum.

The Council’s proposed Policy Framework for Neighbourhood Areas and Forums was also deferred by the Committee for resubmission at a future meeting following further work.

What’s Your Vision For Levenshulme?

This Saturday 9th April, 2pm, Community Studio, Arcadia. 

A presentation by Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum. What are your priorities for how Levenshulme should develop?

Come along to find out how you can get involved, and see the progress already made in giving the people of Levenshulme a say in how our local area is developed.


LNPF General Meeting 3rd December 2015

Help Shape Levenshulme’s Future

There is a general meeting of the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum this Thursday 3rd December at the Inspire Centre, 19.00-21.00.
We’ve now had three events to gather new ideas and thoughts for Levenshulme and there are 7 areas of interest. We will need to start developing groups that will start focussing on these items:

  1. Parking and Traffic management (traffic lights, one way system, cycling, parking, pedestrian crossing)
  2. Public and green spaces (protection, support to improve green spaces, playground equipment, community facilities)
  3. Build environment (mix of housing, land use, describing the look of our area, conservation area, list of significant buildings)
  4. Environmental improvements (improving existing housing stock, bulk buying, energy and insulation)
  5. Environmental health and wast management (rubbish and litter, fly tipping, recycling, vermin, bins)
  6. Communication (community engagements)
  7. Business and economic development ( A6 development, business diversity.

If you are interested in one of these areas and you would like to look in developing ideas in relation to the above items, please let us know. We will be discussing these areas at our meeting on Thursday and will start putting together groups that will investigate these areas further.

I know we are a little late in releasing the agenda for this Thursdays meeting, but we’ve been quite busy in the background. 


  1. Update our planning application for forum status.
  2. Discuss the above described work groups
  3. Current planning issues, and the method in which the forum deals with current planning application.
  4. Any other business

There are not many items on the agenda, but I think the discussions around the workgroups will be taking most of the meeting.

I hope you will be able to attend and see you on Thursday.
Maria van Elk
Chair, Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum


Come along and find out about the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum (LNPF) and how our community can influence local planning issues.
What matters to you? Green spaces? Affordable housing? Improving our High Street? Supporting businesses for local jobs? Protecting buildings? Takeaways? Parking? Litter? Transport?
Everyone is welcome to get involved and help decide what the priorities and desires are for people who live and work in Levenshulme. This will become our plan for our community.
Saturday 31st October

Levenshulme Library (Cromwell Grove)

Thursday 5th November

Inspire Centre (Stockport Road)

Saturday 7th November

Levenshulme Market (Station Car Park)


Outcome meeting 1st September 2015 at the Inspire

Hello All,

A lot has happened in the last few months since our meeting on Tuesday 1st September at the Inspire, where the constitution was accepted. The following members were chosen as part of the committee:
Chairman, Maria van Elk
Vice Chair, Jeremy Hoad,
Treasurer, Thea Wingfield
Secretary, Justin Baker
addition members: Peter Best, Sian Griffith, Peter Naughton and Jim Paris

We have now submitted everything to the local planning authority to become a official forum, responded to all questions from the Council and should now be in the public consultation period of 6 weeks. (I’ve not found anything on their website yet.) Hopefully this will be completed before our next general meeting on Thursday 3rd December.

Hope to see you all soon


September Meeting and Elections

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 1st September, 19.00, at Levenshulme Inspire on Stockport Road.

Since the July meeting the Interim Committee has finalised the draft constitution as agreed. This constitution will be presented for approval at the meeting as well as formal adoption of the Designated Area that was accepted by the July meeting.

The September meeting will formally:

  • create the Levenshulme a neighbourhood a planning Forum;
  • adopt the Designated Area;
  • approve the Constitution; and
  • elect a committee to replace the Interim Committee that was appointed in July.

Apart from this formal business to enable the Forum to exist we will discuss a plan for the future and how best to develop our Neighbourhood Plan in a way that includes input from as many people in Levenshulme as possible and that reflects our priorities and issues.

Information for the 16th July NPF meeting

A meeting of Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum will take place this evening, Thursday 16th July, 19.00-21.00 at the Inspire Centre on Stockport Road.
The meeting will:

  • vote on the area covered by the Forum;
  • approve a constitution for the group; and 
  • elect a committee.

The agenda, draft constitution and proposed designated area are provided below.












Public Meeting 16th July 2015

The next meeting of Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum will take place on Thursday 16th July 2015, 19.00 at the Inspire Centre on Stockport Road.

The meeting will consider the area defined for the Forum, constituting the Forum as a group and electing the first committee members to help take the idea forward.

Everyone is welcome.


Meeting Northernden NF

Following on from our information evening we will be holding a meeting to talk about how we want to from Levenshulme Neighbourhood Planning Forum and look at how Northernden Neighbourhood Forum have established and run their Neighboruhood Forum


Wednesday 10th June from 18.30-19.45


Levenshulme library, the meeting room.

Graham Pheby from Northernden Neighbourhood Forum will be joining us to talk us about their experience in setting up and running a neighbourhood forum.

Every one is welcome.

Public Meeting

We want to get as many people as possible involved in and informed about the Levenshulme Neighbourhood Forum. To help achieve this aim an Information Evening will be held as follows:

19.00 on Thursday 21st May 2015
(The event will last no more than two hours)
The Inspire Centre, 747 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3AR

Anyone who lives or works in Levenshulme is welcome to come along. There will be experts from Locality who will make a short presentation outlining the process but the bulk of the evening will be for people to ask questions and find out what this is about and how Levenshulme can benefit.

We hope to see you on Thursday 21st May!

A leaflet is being delivered to households in Levenshulme. It can be viewed below or downloaded HERE